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America (Alfred F. Jones)
02 January 2013 @ 01:48 pm

Mun name: Jenna
AIM: bebo the dragon
E-mail: heartsnhooves [at] yahoo [dot] com

If you think I could improve on how I play (or if I fuck up on some historical fact), feel free to either drop me a line here or the above contact list. Anon is on, comments screened, God Bless America.


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America (Alfred F. Jones)
10 December 2011 @ 08:16 pm

[ He sounds disappointed, but more than anything, supremely whiny. ]

Those pills don't do anything! Not an upper, not a downer, nothing. It's probably just a stupid vitamin or something. Something stupid. I almost want to puke it up in protest, but I ate one of those fruit cup things and that would burn coming back. Just now that I would, and it's the principle that counts.

This sucks. I'm gonna light a joint with my new flamethrower. That's right, I've got an awesome flamethrower, and all my excitement is dampened by this.

If I burn my head off lighting up, I'm blaming you, Mr. "Oncoming Storm." And I'm gonna get my horse and I'm gonna ride around without a head and haunt the fuck out of you.
America (Alfred F. Jones)
19 November 2011 @ 01:04 am
Because of the influx of new people once again, I've decided to do the right thing and answer every question they have with a single map.



EDIT: No Rail Tracers allowed.
America (Alfred F. Jones)
23 October 2011 @ 02:08 pm

1. Soup for Grell! It was canned but I added more salt and stuff to make it tastier!
2. Sugar cookies for Stocking because I don't remember what I promised you but I figured as long as it was sweet you wouldn't care!
3. Chicken nuggets for whoever. Not made from real chicken but I swear it tastes the same!
4. I had more food and then I ate it.
5. Dog treats for France! You can have them even if you're not tiny anymore.

Man I should just open up my own chain here. More on that later! First I have a bunch of stuff to get in order, like catching one of those death horses and making it love me best and search my house for little recording devices and make a tinfoil hat.

For those of you living in American Embassy Apartments on Marshall, don't worry! I'll try and fix this place up before winter comes! I won't be around as much as I used to be anymore, so I might need some back-up running the place. Any volunteers?

locked to self because he needs to give himself a pep talkCollapse )

locked to TatsumiCollapse )
America (Alfred F. Jones)
[ First thing the camera is greeted with is a WWI-era gas mask. The only thing discernible is the choppy golden hair sticking out. Then America lifts it up to reveal his face, looking even more panicked than in his last post. If the ghost of the Rail Tracer hasn't already cracked him, what's going on now certainly will.

More importantly are the tally marks that have encroached on his face, hands, and arms. In the background there are scrawled writings in the background, so sloppily written you'd think he wasn't even looking at the basement wall when he wrote it: DON'T LOOK AWAY WHEN YOU SEE ONE MAKE A MARK, THERE ARE THINGS IN THE ROOM WITH YOU YOU'RE GOING TO FORGET BUT THEY'RE THERE, WELCOME TO AMERICA SAY THIS WHEN YOU SHOOT THEM, and other things along those lines.

What'd I tell ya'll about the fog what did I say? And I was right! Sorta, well, it's bad, doesn't make ya automatically nuts but it brought bad things. Can't have this mask off for long but there's something out there, and none of you know it. I don't even really know it. I dunno remember what they are or what they look like.

[ cough cough wheeze. ] Stupid air. At first I thought I just went crazy, but stuff keeps appearing, like I'm still doing stuff but not knowing it, so I'm just gonna guess this writing on the wall is right and there is really something in here with me. In fact, I'm sure of it! Smells like a gun went off down here so I think I shot some of them, or shot at the ghost of the Rail Tracer because there's goddamn ghosts, but I dunno how many more of the things are--

[ It seems like there's been a skip in the feed. That's all it could have been, right? Unless for some reason, something happened, and you just don't remember it. Now America is sporting a new mark on his arm, his mask his on, and he's breathing hard. Something else on the wall: THEY'RE SILENT. America himself pauses for a moment, then takes the mask off again. He looks a little confused. Anyone watching probably is too. ]

...I was recording something? Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah, fog. I don't have any other gas masks but I gotta get outta here, gotta check on stuff. And I keep running outta bullets and I'm not sure...

[ He turns, reads the writing. ] ...why. Oh. Awesome, I'm fighting something I don't even remember. I can do this. Yeah. Okay, guys, watch yourselves, I'm gonna head out and try to help--

[ Another skip IN YO MEMORYYYY, but this time the video has ended. ]

ooc note about the monsterCollapse )
America (Alfred F. Jones)
[ Unlike many people, America hasn't quite found anyone he knows among the bodies yet. That isn't even his primary concern. He's seen bodies before; he's seen people he's loved or hated or never knew die before. He's had to wade through corpses and sort through the dead. No, it's the fact that they're blinking in and out of existence that has him freaked out. So he's wandering around Dissimulo, shotgun in hand. ]

You know, after years of being here and, okay, I've seen some stuff that's pretty much this level of bad, this is still kinda-- aw man, just look at this. Okay this is disturbing in general.

[ He shows a huge spoiler for Game of Thrones with his camera. A second later it blinks, then fades away. America jumps back and gives a small yelp. For good measure, he drops the communicator to fire a few shotgun blasts at the place where it was. Nothing happens. Predictable. So he picks it back up. You can practically see him becoming even more paranoid by the second. ]

The fuck is going on?

[ Now another corpse can be seen nearby. ...It's the same guy covered in arrows. Again, no one he knows, but ten points to you if you know. ]

I should expect this by now. 'Cause this place just likes to mess with us us! And scary, and I can't even tell if this is worse than the place with blood or what. Hoping that this is all in our heads. I mean it's gotta be, right? Just glad there's no familiar faces yet. Gonna find some, I bet, but so far...

Fuck, and you know what? There's still bombs out there too, ones not owned by me, and there's not even a good shelter around here, and what if these are all victims of the Rail Tracer? Don't even fucking laugh because it's a possibility. It's a possibility that we're next but not me, man. Not me.

[ For anyone who can see them, a thestral meanders into the picture and attempts to eat the corpse. Attempt being the operative word. It hisses like a demon at the camera, stomping its feet. Strangely America is not at all perturbed by this. ]

At least we've got cute horsies running around trying to clean up.
America (Alfred F. Jones)
14 August 2011 @ 07:30 pm
[ America appears on screen looking like he just spent two weeks in a ditch (hint: he has). Stubble dots his face, dirt smudges every other inch of him, and he look so displeased.

I told you, bro. I told you about the ditches.

It keeps happening.

Luckily for everyone who has ever been in peril or will be in desperate need of saving, your hero is okay! Need a new pair of boots, but otherwise unharmed. Just... need to clean up in a sec. After I finished eating.

Anyone wanna catch me up on what's going on? I've gotta get all my ducks in order now that I'm not stuck...

But first, a public service announcement.

( text )Collapse )

[ ooc: Posted pre-event but feel free to respond with either regulars or doubles! ]
America (Alfred F. Jones)
[ Despite the gruesome stitches and screws still embedded in his neck, America is looking quite chipper. And why is he so upbeat? Does it have anything to do with his best buddy England showing up with weed and Beatles records? Yes. But that is not all, as evident from his big carefree grin. ]

Hey guys, guess whose voice is finally back! No cracks or rasping or anything! Now where's that creepy guy with the needle? Gotta get these things outta my neck. I'd take 'em out myself, but I'm pretty sure England would have a cow if I tried. Then again, we could use more in the herd.

[ Snort. Yes he's amused by his own terrible jokes. Shut up. ]

Sorry I've been outta the loop, guys and gals and whatever trolls are! Been kinda busy. Some things just ain't easy to come by. And I had some fun to take my mind off bein' down about Namine...

[ Read: weed. His face twitches a bit. Evidently he's not over it, but he goes back to smiling. ]

Well, I'll save the tears for another day. Gotta carry on. So what'd I miss? I heard something about Spero? Sorry, wasn't really paying attention. I got bored and wandered around.

locked to Japan; unhackableCollapse )
America (Alfred F. Jones)
17 June 2011 @ 07:35 pm
Whoaaaa, this again? Far out! It's like a carnival every time this happens! Except... with less cotton candy and more confusion.

Alright guys, for you new tourists/passengers/anyone willing to pay me for stuff out there, here's a few basic facts about your new vacation spot:

1. I am the best ever and my house is wayyyy cooler than Discedo so STOP BY NEW YORK ON YOUR WAY HOME AND GO SEE THE SIGHTS! I mean, look at me. Just look. I am a beautiful country full of prosperity. You want to be my tourist. It's just fact.

2. It's. Just. Fact.

Tres. That's three in Mexico!

4. I'm the hero so if you run into any trouble, I'm the guy to call!

5. Tricks are what a whore does for money. I do awesome. By that I mean I can puke polar bears! Sometimes. Depending on the day.

That's about it! I'm America and this has been "An Introduction To Discedo For Everyone Who Isn't Russia."

[ ooc: I'm still at a con so replies won't come until I'm off hiatus next week. Just thout I'd throw this up while I have a spare moment! ]
America (Alfred F. Jones)

[ No, he doesn't care if he's going to wake up everyone with this. He just looks so. excited. Like more excited than any rational person has any right to be. This is a normal state of being for America, but considering the circumstances, it may seem a little... odd. The camera gives a nice clear view of the mushroom cloud from the roof, then goes over to America's smiling face. ]

GUYS, DID YOU SEE?! SOMEONE SET OFF A BOMB! Okay, yeah, I'm a little annoyed that someone else has got some, and someone I don't know, but since Russia isn't around it can't be him or any of his allies, but still! Look at it!

[ The screen wavers a bit as he starts to pace around. The camera is now trained back towards the cloud. And yet he still jabbers on. ]

How big d'ya think that yield is? Couple hundred kilotons? I've done that. These guys have gotta be amateurs or something. One time I made this one that was 15 megatons and it just incinerated the island I was using. Just gone! If this one is more than that, I've gotta get some tips from these guys. Not that I need 'em! I'm gettin' better every day! And I bet I have more!

Mannnn, this makes me miss my test site. I'd always get to see the new stuff and the guys would even get me a bowl of popcorn. HEY, TATSUMI, MAKE ME SOME POPCORN AND MEET UP HERE!

[ He finally stops pacing and turns the camera away from the cloud. His head tilts a bit while he stares at it. ]

I wonder if that was just a test. Or that whoever set it off is friendly. If they're not, I should be talking to them about how to use their stuff responsibly! It's my job as the hero after all! This all kinda reminds me that I should be thinking about stuff for back home too, with Russia still being a fucking whackjob and all. I bet I could get a yield higher than the one out there. Just gotta figure out where to test it!

[ He looks like he's about to say more, but instead he just sits down and stares. Just freaking stares like he's watching TV or something. ]